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During the Full Moon, the human aura is said to expand at least four fold.


Thus meditation during the full moon can be advantageous to channle and focus ones energy and thought in the right direction. 

Dr Hazel Wardha used to carry out guided meditations during which time the emphasis was on the development of the Heart and Crown energy centres. During the guided meditation clearing of blockages in the human energy field would occur and participants were able to channel the energy generated in their aura towards their goals, wishes and desires. 

The Full Moon Meditation has run since 1998. Join us for the guided meditation at the details given below. 


date and time to be confirmed
w/Dr Hazel Wardha (live video meditation)
Twin Hearts conducted by Hazel Ji.

- You experience and feel her energy strongly with this video meditation. 
- reunite, connect & re-kindle with her other students from over the years.
- moving forward, above & beyond.
- promoting the work of Hazel Ji so her memory lives on
- a simple gathering, not over social, just focussed on the energy for personal growth, then go home non distracted & retain the essence.
- group healing & energising.
- bring folding chair or cushion. 
- friends welcome. Spread the word to others. 

Level 1. 703 Whitehorse Rd Mitcham.

Victoria. Australia.
(Cnr Whitehorse Rd & Dampier Grv opp vet clinic)
Enquiries SMS: 0412359797

[please SMS at least 4 hours ahead of commencement. SMS before commencement may not receive a reply due to preparations]

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